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Claudia Kishi, the hipster idol.

The dream originally materialized because Hutt, like many other women now in their 20s, idolized the fictional members of the The Baby-Sitters Club (BSC), a series of books about a clan of middle-school-age Connecticut girls with a passion for child care. The series was created and written by Ann M. Martin (and later, a team of ghostwriters), and sold more than 175 million copies between 1986 and 2000. A year ago, Hutt stumbled across a few tattered BSC books in a thrift store and, inspired anew, started a hilarious — if somewhat mocking — blog homage to BSC fashion. “What Claudia Wore” is named after Claudia Kishi, who, as any fan of the series well knows, is indisputably the most fashionable BSC character.

The BSC members were oddly frozen in time, remaining in eighth grade for more than 10 years, so it’s strange to imagine what they’d be like now, but Hutt has an idea: “You know Claudia grew up to be the woman who, after spending the night with a man, sneaks out of bed and spends an hour making herself all glowing . . . and then sneaks back into bed all, ‘What? I always look like this in the morning!’ ”

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