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MIA launches clothing line for people with clothes-stealing friends.

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WWD reports today that MIA, who’s been the face of Marc Jacobs as of late (about that, she says in the article: “The whole time I was doing that campaign I was like, ‘Does Marc Jacobs know who I am? He didn’t let me into his parties and stuff six months before.'”), has started her own clothing line.

“‘I have my own label now,” Arulpragasam said, ‘which is the only thing I’ve been wearing recently.’ The eponymous collection (M.I.A., that is), which is repped by London-based publicist Mandi Lennard, included tour bus-friendly items such as bomber jackets, leggings and T-shirts, all done up in the bold hues and graphic prints for which the singer is known. And, aside from reflective glory, buying an Arulpragasam-designed piece affords its owner a little extra sartorial security. Explained the fashionista: ‘With my stuff, because everything’s really bright, if you lose it or someone steals it, you can see it from miles away and you can be like, ‘Oy! Give me my shirt back!’ Talk about bang for your buck.'”

Ooooh. I totally love that. Clothes that are bright so that your asshole friends won’t steal them! And, if I ever decide to start a band and go on a national tour, I won’t be embarrassed by my decidedly lame (and too fancy) tour bus clothes! Seriously, though, I’ve got more faith in threads created by MIA than other celeb clothing lines – anyone from the Hills, I’m looking at you – especially since I’m guessing they’ll be somewhat like the Cassette Playa-designed outfits MIA has rocked in the past (Google Images hasn’t coughed up any sneak previews of the line yet, and MIA’s website of flashing madness doesn’t have anything either). It’s a safe bet, though, that it’ll be at least three time less scary than the prospect of Amy Winehouse’s clothing and cosmetics line.

Phoenix blogs are down, so this can’t go up on the Phlog yet, unforch.

For those of you not at SXSW: If I may be so bold, I’d like to offer you a list of things to do this weekend (besides going to see Justice, or dancing your ass off at Hearthrob – which sounds like a tough decision for the types into those activities, aka moi), in flier form. LAB Boston is an unclassifiable Allston hotspot. I’d call it part clothing store, part art gallery, part party venue, and part space for graf artists to paint on semi-clothed women’s bodies on a Saturday afternoon. This weekend, they’re one year old and, of course, there’ll be a celebration:


Sunday is obviously going to be mainly about consuming beer and claiming to be Irish for most Bostonians, but if you’re in the mood to do something cause-worthy for the sake of Boston’s independent film scene (and also drink more, and maybe catch a sneak preview of an awesome, not-yet-released movie), the crew behind Twelve, a film I wrote about for the Phoenix, are throwing a fundraiser shindig. The obligatory flier:


There are other good things happening (not in Southie) on Sunday as well. A non-flier tidbit from my inbox:

READING AND PARTY: Sunday, March 16, 2008, 7pm, The Dirty Water Reading Series presents “Get Lucky”
“Get Lucky” is a St. Patty’s-themed reading at Grub Street Headquarters, featuring mad-libs of famous Irish writers and short readings by Sommer Browning, Steve Himmer, Nina MacLaughlin, and Felicia C. Sullivan. Organized by local journals Quick Fiction, Redivider, and Fringe, along with Black Ocean Press. Free food and drinks, plus door prizes. Come on down and have a pint!
FREE, Grub Street HQ, 160 Boylston Street

Nina MacLaughlin is a co-worker at the Phoenix, and a fantastic writer – check this awesome piece she wrote about Andre Dubus for last fall’s literary supplement.

And finally, Will will (sorry, had to do it) be DJing it up at ZuZu on Sunday around 10 pm – I’ve been eyeing up his record collection for months, and I can safely say the kid’s got good taste, and it’ll definitely be worth checking out.

Oh, and if you’re the “stay at home on the net”-type, maybe you should customize a shirt?

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