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My most enjoyed songs for the week.

Someone turn this into a mix tape or something.

“out of reaches” by stephen malkmus – real emotional trash

“recent bedroom” by atlas sound – let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel

“so happy (bored remix)” by hooray for earth – b-sides disc from the cellphone ep listening party

“4 minute warning” by radiohead – in rainbows, disc 2

“kids” by mgmt- oracular spectacular

“tears in the typing pool” by broadcast – tender buttons

“all in it” by british sea power – do you like rock music?

“lost women” by yardbirds – roger the engineer

“sisters of the moon” by fleetwood mac – tusk

“rose parade” by elliott smith – either/or

40 mistakes.

Photo by historygradguy from Boston Street Art on Flickr.

This seems less like an interesting online feature idea, and more like an excuse to call out Rolling Stone.  And is that really necessary? Asking if we can “really trust” Rolling Stone anymore is like asking if fast food really clogs arteries or if Paris Hilton really thought she could sell more copies of her album than her sex tape – it’s a stale topic, and a rhetorical question.  RS still scores the high-profile inteviews, and the recent anniversary issue was a historical plethora of intriguing features.  But in terms of the stealthily expanding world of independent music, even a snarky blog can’t seem to blow the virtual dust off the old mag – the bloggers, alt-weeklies and online-only ventures are light years ahead in this category.  Still, it’s one of those things people love and love to hate, not unlike P4K or reality television.  Without them, where’s our reference point?