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Art on the streets.

Here’s a little something I’ve been doing recently. It’s sort of an ongoing project, born from an ongoing obsession.

In Boston (Nineta, on Comm Ave and beyond):

Photos snagged from l_a_i_a.

Not in Boston (Talking Britneys in Vancouver, British Columbia):

Photos swiped from jerm9ine. In Boston (South End):

Flickr photo by (who else?) Hargo.

Not in Boston (on a subway car in Holland, the Netherlands):

Photo by ces53 on Flickr.

Also not in Boston (Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand):

Photo by bronzebrew on Flickr.
In Boston:

Via hargo on Flickr. (Otherwise known as the man behind the Wall.)

Not in Boston (Tirana, Albania):

Via sys68escuadrilla on Flickr.

Gotta get out there more with my own camera, so I can cut down on all of this Flickr thievery. Tune in here for more installments.

Apologies all around

Goldenstash photo by trevorpowers 

Greetings blog readers! (If there are still any of you out there). I’ve been slacking on the updates lately… turns out when you start working full time for a newspaper, they actually want you to write and blog for them and stuff. Crazy!  I’m going to try to get the ball rolling again on this here blog, though, for realz. In the meantime, here are a few things that have been keeping me busy writing elsewhere, instead of on this fine blog.

The List is Life, or, the story of this coolest person I’ve ever met at a beer tasting, and why lists can be awesome.

Streets of Gold, or, the story of the coolest person I’ve ever willingly met at 3 a.m. for illegal shenanigans.

Tales from Inman Square, or, the story of the coolest people that have ever kept me from eating delicious Indian food.

Up next, in the Phoenix’s Literary Supplement, a story about “things” (or, the coolest books I’ve read lately, Taking Things Seriously and Evocative Objects).

I will return soon with some shiny new blog posts!

Adventures with the law.

Wrote this for this Thursday’s Calendar:

Bianca Casady, who makes up the experimental folk duo CocoRosie with her sister Sierra, has a voice that’s astonishingly similar to the singer-harpist Joanna Newsom. Much like Newsom, CocoRosie are often labeled “freak folk,” a style of music that not everyone can stomach. Their music blends an unfathomable amount of sounds – everything from operatic solos (Sierra studied opera in Paris) to babies crying – and the result often feels more like a fusion of sounds than a song. Talking Heads frontman David Byrne is a fan, though – he invited them to play Carnegie Hall in February, as a part of his Perspectives series, which highlighted artists of the supposed “freak folk” genre. They’ll play the Middle East Downstairs on Wednesday, with Busdriver.

But that’s not going to happen. Apparently, Bianca and Sierra are having some troubles even D. Byrne can’t help them out of.

This week: the overbooked edition

Finding the rockets in and around Inman Sq. is my new favorite in-transit game.

Rumbo A Las Grandes Ligas at the Somerville Theatre at 8 p.m. (Full disclosure: my roommate edited this film, but even if he hadn’t, I’d still go. Plus, Big Papi is rumored to be attending – score!) Read what Mike Milliard had to say about it, in the Phoenix’s extensive guide to the fifth annual Independent Film Festival of Boston.

Tomorrow night, via Globe Calendar:

When Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarsson, otherwise known as Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, sing, ”I’m making out tonight with my computer,” on their song ”Loop Duplicate My Heart,” they aren’t kidding. The Swedish electro-pop duo’s debut album, ”#3,” lovingly utilizes electronic beats, mixed with tinny, music box-like piano, acoustic guitar, and what one Pitchfork reviewer recently described as ”Napoleon Dynamite deadpan” vocals. Much like Napoleon Dynamite, their music possesses a certain lovable geekiness, complete with silly lyrics (”Noodles are the smell of denial”), an experimental array of instruments, and the infectious pop sensibility that’s become synonymous with the recent onslaught of Swedish bands.

Wedesday night, choices choices:
Age Rings, with the Everyday Visuals, Summerbirds in the Cellar, the Televangelist and the Architect at T.T. the Bear’s Place. (Full disclosure, again: I wrote about T & the A for the Globe last December. I’m also dating an undisclosed member of Age Rings. But I’d still go if neither of those things were true, even though Big Papi is not rumored to be attending.)

Or, via Calendar – again:

In a recent interview, Trans Am member Philip Manley said, ”People often bring up the eclectic quality of our music, almost like it’s genre-hopping.” That pretty much sums up both Trans Am’s career and its eighth and latest album, ”Sex Change” (Thrill Jockey). The trio has been creating tunes that are part techno and part prog-rock, though the exact proportions vary depending on the album. ”Sex Change,” the band’s first album after a three-year break, feels like an attempt to bridge any inconsistencies in their musical catalogue, possibly as a career closer. According to Manley, Trans Am will likely resume hiatus following their current tour, which makes their show at Great Scott on Wednesday, with Zombi and Psychic Paramount, all the more appealing.

And speaking of Swedish pop, it should go without saying that PB&J are only four days away. Cue up “Amsterdam” on your iTunes one more time. If you’re not one of the lucky few with a ticket, catch PB&J live on Friday, on WERS.