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The meme show.

Leslie Hall, photo by Kate Raynes-Goldie

Tron Guy photo by TrespassersWill

Ben Romans (from the Click Five), photo by varmazis

Weaving through the packed Middle East upstairs Friday night was not quite like gallivanting, IRL, through the “Most Viewed” page on YouTube — neither the Evolution of Dance dude nor the laughing baby was in attendance — but it was a surreal gathering of Internet video celebrities nonetheless. It was “The Music Show of the Memes,” the concert to celebrate the opening of ROFLCon (a conference of experts on Internet stardom and I Can Has Cheezburger). The memes were indeed out in full force.

One moment, Denny Blaze, who achieved meme-dom with his goofy, grainy “Average Homeboy” video demos in 2006, is handing me his business card and explaining (in ironic sotto voce for a rapper) that he made most of the videos in the ’80s, “before YouTube and before CDs,” with a hint of awe that such a time ever existed. Next, I’m hovering near “Tron Guy,” a mustachio’d man bedecked in glowing blue lights that are affixed to knee pads, a helmet, and a Frisbee — providing excellent illumination for mid-show note taking, along with the camera flashes beaming from every corner of the room.

Indeed, it seems everyone has brought along a camera or an iPhone and is incessantly snapping photos, especially when Leslie Hall (the queen of parodic white-girl rap) strides on stage like Internet royalty, reigning over the fawning crowd in gold spandex and thick glasses, with her ladies-in-waiting the LY’s flanking her in bedazzled sweaters.

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M.I.A. schedules a show vaguely near Boston!

Plagarizing myself, via OTD.

Lollapalooza flick by Carina Mastrocola

In addition to OTD’s Friday, Halloween spirited MPFreeee goodness, here’s another pre-weekend treat: Checking our e-mail this morning and we had a happy message from the folks over at Tourfilter (how do they always know about this shit first?) – M.I.A. will play the Palladium on November 28! It’s not up on M.I.A.’s MySpace, or horrible, neon flashing website yet (we can’t handle the clashing/flashing imagery pre-coffee on a Friday morning), but a quick trip to MassConcerts confirms it – the goddess of dark, daring, chirping, grunting, bumping, Pixies and “Rump Shaker”-thieving awesomeness (pre-In Rainbows, “Paper Planes” was on repeat on our iTunes for, oh, three months or so) will grab Worcester by the balls for a night, with the Illinois-based hip hop duo The Cool Kids. Holy Cross may never be the same. Tickets are on sale like NOW, so get on it!

DOWNLOAD: M.I.A. “Paper Planes” (via The shiny new Hype Machine)
VIDEO: M.I.A. “Bird Flu”

Crank that, techie.

MIT examines the science behind the dance craze.

BONUS! Watch awesomely awesome Phoenix video footage here.

Hot, but not rockin.

Yep, she’s got a song. And Spencer raps on it.  The Slop Culture-ists weigh in.

Battle of the Weekend sections.

Pixnit, obviously, but anyone know who does the bad apples? Photo by sushiesque.

Friday = Weekend section day! Come, let’s see see how they stack up this week. Ready?

Casually slipping “says David Bowie in an e-mail” into a story = 3 points,
via The Globe. (“Said David Bowie during our weekly sushi date” would’ve taken the cake.)

Combining self-deprecation, restaurant-deprecation, and a joke in one sentence: “If you’re the kind of diner with a bad short-term memory, you’ll… wait, what was I saying?” = 2 points, via Globe Sauce.

Employing the words “shook his jowls violently” in a lede = 2 points, via NYT Theater section.

Using an almost painfully meh review to characterize a decidedly meh sounding concert, via NYT Music.

Pitting Oscar Wilde against the surgeon general, comparing cigarettes to nipples, and mourning the loss of a best bet pick-up line = 2 points, via WPost Weekend. Bonus: WPost Weekend wrote about the best barside outdoor smoking areas a few months ago = 1 point.

And our winner, for banning the words “Brangelina” and “TomKat” from the English language, and providing useful tips for unicorn hunting – in one article! = 475,892,563 points, via CSMonitor.

Tube top troubles.

Question of the day: How does Feist’s glittering, Garment District-esque, gem of the disco era blue pantsuit not fall down in this video? Extra strength double-stick tape? Circulation-slowing too-tight elastic? The wonders of gravity?

“That Feist video is awesome, in a Carol-Ann Boardway School of Dance, colorgasmic sort of way.”- Melissa