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It’s a bird, etc.

Photo by prawnpie from SALT graffiti on Flickr.
On the west coast for a few days, so posts may be less frequent – in the meantime, read about the incredible shrinking album cover.

Battle of the Weekend sections.

Pixnit, obviously, but anyone know who does the bad apples? Photo by sushiesque.

Friday = Weekend section day! Come, let’s see see how they stack up this week. Ready?

Casually slipping “says David Bowie in an e-mail” into a story = 3 points,
via The Globe. (“Said David Bowie during our weekly sushi date” would’ve taken the cake.)

Combining self-deprecation, restaurant-deprecation, and a joke in one sentence: “If you’re the kind of diner with a bad short-term memory, you’ll… wait, what was I saying?” = 2 points, via Globe Sauce.

Employing the words “shook his jowls violently” in a lede = 2 points, via NYT Theater section.

Using an almost painfully meh review to characterize a decidedly meh sounding concert, via NYT Music.

Pitting Oscar Wilde against the surgeon general, comparing cigarettes to nipples, and mourning the loss of a best bet pick-up line = 2 points, via WPost Weekend. Bonus: WPost Weekend wrote about the best barside outdoor smoking areas a few months ago = 1 point.

And our winner, for banning the words “Brangelina” and “TomKat” from the English language, and providing useful tips for unicorn hunting – in one article! = 475,892,563 points, via CSMonitor.