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That whole Shriiimp thing

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A few things I’d like to point out, in light of some recent comments disapproving of this piece. First, the misspelling of “Juxtapoz” was a miscommunication between myself and my editor, and for that I’m sorry. I’m not sorry, however, for reporting the story to the best of my abilities. I am not a publicist, and I was not writing a press release to hype up Shriiimp. One of the ground rules for journalism is that a story should never be one-sided; a variety of points-of-view are always necessary. I interviewed a plethora of sources for this story, from a large group of Shriiimp-involved people, to art experts, graf experts, artists, and other people with strong opinions about the site. I reported back a variety of opinions, both for and against Shriiimp’s concept – i.e., those who take it quite seriously as art, those who find it to be misogynistic, and those who think it shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

I have no problem with people posting comments on the story. No journalistic career is free of personal criticism, not even for Deborah Solomon. If anything, I’m glad that it was something that got people talking. It’s a good thing when people are talking about art, or journalism about art, and obviously the anonymity of the Phoenix’s commenting system allows people who would never have the courage to e-mail or call me personally, and express their opinion to make biting and immature comments, with no risk of exposing who they are, or having to elaborate their opinions further. Having someone refer to my writing as “insanely horrible,” and a “steaming pile of shit” is not exactly pleasant but, as a co-worker put it to me today, “internet backlash is the first sign you’ve made it.”

Apologies all around

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Greetings blog readers! (If there are still any of you out there). I’ve been slacking on the updates lately… turns out when you start working full time for a newspaper, they actually want you to write and blog for them and stuff. Crazy!  I’m going to try to get the ball rolling again on this here blog, though, for realz. In the meantime, here are a few things that have been keeping me busy writing elsewhere, instead of on this fine blog.

The List is Life, or, the story of this coolest person I’ve ever met at a beer tasting, and why lists can be awesome.

Streets of Gold, or, the story of the coolest person I’ve ever willingly met at 3 a.m. for illegal shenanigans.

Tales from Inman Square, or, the story of the coolest people that have ever kept me from eating delicious Indian food.

Up next, in the Phoenix’s Literary Supplement, a story about “things” (or, the coolest books I’ve read lately, Taking Things Seriously and Evocative Objects).

I will return soon with some shiny new blog posts!