Thursday mix tape.

Do something good for your ears.

The tracks:

Down in Mexico – The Coasters
French Kicks – Abandon
Lights And Music – Cut Copy
Napolean at Waterloo – White Hinterland
Deep Blue – Ladytron
So Long, Marianne – Leonard Cohen
Silence – Portishead
Free Money – Patti Smith
Excursions Into Oh, A-Oh – Stereolab
Svart Är Himlen – Dungen
Save Me – Aimee Mann
The Village Green Preservation Society – The Kinks
A Song for Liza Minnelli – Man Man
What We All Want – Gang Of Four
Tractor Rape Chain – Guided By Voices
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down – Bob Dylan & The Band
The Cops – Light It Off
The Ting Tings – Great DJ
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Theme – Jon Brion

Download here.

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