The penny, defended.

Read more here. Also, go see some drag photography.


Photo by Kelly Davidson, from “Drag Me Out, Drag Me In,” at the Paradise Lounge Gallery through March 7.

One response to “The penny, defended.

  1. Many children had a piggy bank, but unfortunately i had the luxury of only one piggy bank. I remember when we would have company over i would bum change from everyone.

    However the bank only lasted about six months before it was big ebnough for me to be unable to carry it. i dropped mr. piggy on the floor, and out came, i want to say it was about 300 dollars, i am estimating this amount. Which i use to buy my first club house, which eventually became the house for my child hood friend, our pit bull BO.

    Now i use a piggy bank for my “Road Trip Fund”. Which i will use to go see my friends over the summer, when i am finished here at Roane State.

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